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Welcome to Not So Common Publising

The name of this new imprint, coming into existence in January 2017, is Not So Common Publishing.

It comes from the saying: 

"Common sense? Not so common."

My grandmother used it.   Apparently, so did Voltaire somewhat earlier, but she would not have known that.

I like to make the connection with Common Humanity, the Common Good, Common Ground, the Common Touch; all -alas - not so common.

We plan to publish material that touches experiences and concerns that are common to all of us, in a way that is accessible and useful in practice.

Our first publication will be Denton L Robert's  "Able & Equal, A Gentle Path to Peace"

"Able & Equal provides us a simple, practical handbook for life. It invites each of us to join in the precious adventure – towards human esteem, love, constructive living and peace. It engages us personally… And provides a path worth committing to and following – the past to life and peace – beginning, always, with ourselves and now."

"Our problems are exacerbated by the fact that the world has become one before it has become whole. The contribution of Able & Equal to correcting that dilemma by extrapolating from the conditions of individual wholeness to the universal is significant and timely."

From  Able and Equal

3.Human Esteem is the recognition that healthy beliefs about ourselves are equally true for others.

4. The difference between whether we function autonomously or as victims is determined by what we believe about ourselves.

5. There are five Healthy Core Beliefs that provide the foundation of Human Esteem. They are: I and all people are capable, I and all people are powerful, I and all people are lovable, I and all people are valuable, and I and all people are equal.

6. Gentleness is a powerful human resource that is often neglected, particularly in self-treatment.

7. There are two primary ways that we relate and feel about ourselves and others: being for or being against. We choose how we relate.

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13. Affirming that we are adequate is the first and essential step in accomplishing our goals.

14. Whether we view self, others and world as okay is determined by our core beliefs.

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Whenever I want change, the way to begin is to notice how I am relating to me. Am I on my side or on my case?


"Am I on my side or on my case?" Is a self-confrontation.


I find the most effective and gentle form of self-confrontation occurs when we question our belief systems.  "Am I willing to believe?" as a form of self-confrontation is respectful of previous beliefs, gentle in tone and supportive of personal autonomy. 

 I believe that these three qualities – respect for previous beliefs, gentleness of tone and support for personal autonomy – are hallmarks of healthy caring

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Becoming a Peacemaker

Once I am aware that I am capable, powerful, lovable, valuable and equal, I am free to decide what I will do. At one time I decided to be a minister and went about doing what was necessary to become one. Later I decided to become a psychotherapist, and did what was necessary to become one.

 I've decided on many goals, skills and adventures throughout my life, and as long as I felt I was capable, powerful, lovable, valuable and equal, I would put my energies into accomplishing those goals.

The process is important. First we affirm that we are adequate, next we direct our energy toward achieving our goal, and finally we create an acceptable solution. This is not to imply that we can be or do anything we want to be on a whim. 

But it is to say: as long as we are willing to believe that we are capable, powerful, lovable, valuable and equal, we can decide to be what we want and systematically pursue it to a satisfactory resolution. Sometimes a satisfactory resolution may include changing our goals.

It seemed to me that questions of being are the outcome of this process so I began to ask myself, "What do I want to be?" The idea that most interested me was, "Am I willing to be a peacemaker?" I decided for the next six months I would utilise my "rambling/rumbling" thought time to the question, "Am I Willing to Be a Peacemaker? 

This question initiated the most exciting journey thus far in my life.

Denton L Roberts

Please bear with us. 

This is a temporary home for 

Not So Common Publishing. 

 Once our main task, making the book available again in print and digital form, is accomplished we will build an elegant and tasteful home on the web.

Meanwhile we thank Embodied Therapy for its hospitality.

Able & Equal
A Gentle Path to Peace

Publication is expected in late April 2017

Sadly Denton Roberts died in 2011.

He is remembered in this post from USATAA by people who knew and worked with him.

His co-author Frances Thronson has given the OK to this project, and after the cost of publication all proceeds will go to her.